About Phil

YHM can be Your Moment about Hollywood, History, Hunting, Hallelujah, Hockey, Hendrix, or almost anything Hopersberger.

I was born in Detroit, Michigan (100 years ago to the day that Lincoln gave his first inaugural address) and graduated from Michigan State University (1984).  After working for Knight-Ridder Newspapers for four years, I went into the ministry and became a pastor (Penn State & Michigan State).  In 1998, I resigned my pastorate to pursue a writing career, and here I am.

My novel, XPOSURE, my Civil War screenplay, SOMETHING GRAY, and my newspaper column compilations, 52 THINKS ABOUT GOD, are all available now on Amazon (in print or as an eBook):


You can learn more about me at http://www.TotallyWriteousCopy.com.

2 responses to “About Phil

  1. Thanks for raising a great young man. Jeremy has been to our house a few times and I welcome him here again. Pond hockey is here again!

  2. Thanks! Very kind of you to say.
    We’re gonna let him stay one more week. 🙂

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