Breadcrumbs in the Sky

“When I consider Thy heavens, the work of Thy fingers (Psalm 8).”

Charles Darwin

Two college roommates disagreed on the origin of the universe.  Bob was a diehard Evolutionist, while Jerry was a devout Christian who believed in Creation.  Despite their different worldviews, they remained good friends and both respected true Science.  

They agreed that Evolution and Creation were theories, and not a fact since Science is based on two main pillars––Observation and Repetition.  Since no one was there to observe the birth of the Universe, and no one could repeat it, both were only theories.

After going round and round, they concluded that both theories required faith in the vast circumstantial evidence.  Beyond that, they were deadlocked.  They saw the evidences through their own bias.  The Evolutionist got behind in his classes because of a family emergency and had to go home often, and so Jerry tried to help him with his assignments.

Bob’s World Geography 403 class was especially challenging and being gone for several weeks meant he was flunking in his major’s most important class for graduation.  Only acing his final project, worth 75% of his final grade, could save him, so Jerry looked over his friend’s syllabus, and secretly got to work.  

Science & Faith

He made a huge globe out of papier-mâché to the exact scale with three dimensional topography, mountain ranges, oceans, and all the major rivers.  Jerry hand-painted the Earth, labeled the continents, identified each country, and all their capital cities.  As an Electrical Engineering major, he even wired it inside to light up these cities so that at night you could see it.  It was magnificent, and even more stunning in the dark! 

When Bob got back to the dorm, he saw the amazing work his friend had done for him over the last three weeks.  Jerry closed the blinds, and it streamed from within like a giant ballroom chandelier.  Bob was speechless, flabbergasted, but finally he had to know.

“Where did this come from?” he asked, seeing his name and class on the globe’s base.

“You won’t believe it, but while you were gone the paper, the wire, the glue, the electrical wires, and all the paint just appeared here in our room one day.  So I put it in a pile in the center of our room and shocked it with electricity every day, for 24 hours, for the last three weeks.  When I woke up this morning, there it was!  A miracle!  Something out of nothing, I can’t believe it, but I guess Darwin was right. ” 

His stunned friend didn’t say anything.  Bob looked mad.  Finally, he went to the window, opened the blinds and looked out at the storm clouds moving off, changing into a beautiful blue sky, and then Bob admitted, “Intelligent design implies….”

“Implies a Designer,” Jerry said smiling, and gave him the receipts for his materials.  “You owe the designer $74.87, and maybe even reconsider the work of His fingers?”


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