Merry Christmas!.jpg The Hopersberger clan a few Christmases ago

As a family we’ve always tried to make Christmas a special time for our kids with lots of good Christmas memories, and one of our favorites was done on the night of Christmas Eve. After church we all watch A Christmas Carol (our chosen version is the one with George C. Scott, but Patrick Stewart’s is a good second choice). “It is a ponderous chain!”

We bake lots and lots of Christmas cookies and get all sorts of tasty snacks like sharp cheeses, pumpkin rolls with cream cheese, and summer sausages, washed down with special bubbly non-alcoholic wine drinks…then off to bed while we stack the presents around the tree. “A triumph, my dear! A triumph!”

IMGP5763.JPGRaw sugar cookies (before the bake) 

I guess it’s a good tradition because now that the kids are almost out of college, we still do it! I’d like to think it’s because we’re such great parents, but truthfully it’s the story of Scrooge and his reclamation. And according to Charles Dickens’ tale, that’s what Christmas is all about…a changed heart. “I will honor Christmas in my heart and will try to keep it all the year.”

If you’re fed up with all the commercialism and just don’t really have the Christmas spirit this year, or maybe never do and wonder what the big deal is, then grab a copy of George’s version and watch it this Christmas Eve. “A poor excuse for picking a man’s pocket every twenty-fifth of December.”

IMG_4801.JPGBetter looking every Christmas!

And if you truly are a Scrooge, then here’s my Christmas gift to you. You can watch one of our favorite scenes from Scott’s 1984 version here:

And as Tiny Tim says, “God bless us, everyone!”


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