Ticked Off In Carolina


The Western (Wailing) Wall in Jerusalem…the remnant of the Second Temple

“Now He was telling them a parable to show that at all times they ought to pray and not to lose heart (Luke 18:1).”

After attending a Pastor’s Conference in 1993, my two pastor buddies and I decided to have dinner together the night before we left Ashville, North Carolina to head home to our respective churches.

We took a shortcut to the restaurant and walked through a field next to our hotel. Once inside the restaurant, I noticed a tick embedded in my leg! I had never had a tick on me before, but quickly discovered that once they are attached they “do not lose heart” easily.

My two friends also found visitors on their bodies as well. Needless to say we were pretty disgusted with the little bloodsuckers, but we couldn’t help notice their persistence in not letting go (we even borrowed a cigarette from the cook and went outside to burn the little brutes out of their position–sort of humorous to see three pastors in back of a restaurant puffing on a cigarette…and then poking it into their legs!).


A Jewish man in prayer at the Tomb of King David

But the parallel was clear to us. Like the widow who bothered the unrighteous judge to the point where he relented and granted her request, the Lord wants us to pester Him just like a Carolina tick. Are you tenacious in your wrestling with God about what you want Him to do? Or do you back out easily?


Am Orthodox Jewish man praying at Masada

Jesus told us to be a pest about prayer, especially when our judge is a righteous judge and wants to help us. Be a prayer tick. Show God you are as serious about your desires as He is about granting them.


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