Your Hitler Moment: WIRN

What I’m Reading Now


I just finished reading this book about Hitler’s last days on the planet.

What a sad and depressing end for someone with so much power that could have been used for so much good.

We all share in our disgust for Hitler’s crimes against humanity, one of the worst tyrants ever to rule a country, but I wondered what might have been had he used his influence for good?

And what transpired in his young life that transformed him into such a wicked and insecure beast who murdered millions?

Did his family betray him?  Was he bullied?  Did someone break his heart?  I wonder what went wrong for him.

Perhaps it began with his rejection from art school, where according to this New Yorker article “he often slept in a squalid homeless shelter, if not under a bridge. Intent on becoming an artist, he twice failed the art academy’s admission test; his drawing skills were declared unsatisfactory.”

Look at what he did as an artist:

Perhaps a small lesson for us all to be kind to one another, not knowing what harm may result from our own small wickedness.

I recall going to the movies as a boy to see Alec Guinness portray him in Hitler: The Last 10 Days (Trust the Fuhrer, Luke).

It was an impressive performance, but so sad…what a waste of power!

And also the great Anthony Hopkins makes you think he really is Der Fuhrer in The Bunker:


And then consider another wicked man, Phil Robertson, and his “legacy.”  What a difference can be made when we yield.

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