Your Hopersberger Moment: 7 Things


Hmmm…let me think now.

Recently a friend on Facebook assigned me the number 7, to talk about 7 Things most folks don’t know about me.  I don’t normally engage in any of the FB “games,” but this might be interesting.

1.  I was hung once as a child.

We were playing cops and robbers, I got caught, and sentenced to hang.  Up on a milk crate, hands tied behind my back, he tossed the rope over a big pear tree branch, and…kicked the crate out from under me!  As a six-year old, I thought it was all just pretend until I was strangling!

I twisted in the wind for some time, before his mom and aunt happened to see me and cut me down.  I had a rope burn on my neck for several months.  Years later, when I was 12 or 13, I beat the crap out of that kid.

2.  I got in a big fight in a Howard Johnson restaurant in Los Angeles when two guys came after me, thinking I was my older brother, Biker Jack (as they knew him…I was only 16).

The one guy was huge and came after me with a crowbar in the parking lot, tapping it against the palm of his hand as I backed up…until I bumped into a half wall.  I was trapped.

As he got close enough to swing, I leaned back on the wall, and as quick as I could, and with all of my might, I kicked him right in the face (I was wearing boots and put the heel right on his chin!).  He went flying and I hopped over the wall, raced around to the front door, and ran inside to warn my brother (who was in the bathroom).

When we came out, Jack’s girlfriend (who I had been walking out with after our dinner and got separated when the two guys came after me) pulled a pistol out of her car that made the two guys fly out of there in their El Camino, the big bloody mouthed guy diving into the back as it peeled out!  I remember he said to her, “Don’t you shoot me!”

We left and filled Jack in on everything that had happened while he was in the bathroom (he admitted he’d heard there was a “contract” out for him and they thought I was him…long hair, leather jacket…an easy mistake), but when we got back to his apartment we realized he had left his keys in the booth at Howard Johnson’s.

So back we went.  This time I stopped into the bathroom, while Jack and Shelli went to our booth to find his keys.

Now the scene reversed, as Shelli came flying into the bathroom to tell me Jack was fighting the two guys and to come quick (they had returned and were sitting in our booth!)!


I came flying out just as Jack threw the smaller guy to me, who I grabbed in a choke hold, while Jack beat the daylights out of my boot-lipped friend, and kicked him out the door.

All the while I’m screaming for Shelli to give me a ketchup bottle to bust over the guy’s head I’m holding (and everyone having dinner is scrambling to the other side of the room, grabbing their kids, managers on the phone calling the cops…PANDEMONIUM!).

Long story, but suffice it to say we got the keys, they got a serious whoopin’, and we bailed out of there as the sirens approached.

Jack by the pool

3.  My mom saw a vision of a ram on his haunches in a sunset as a teenager (she called her aunt over to see it at the same time to make sure she wasn’t crazy and she saw it too!).

Forty years later, when I arrived at MSU each of the six dorms in my complex had a Zodiac sign on the outside…my dorm had Aries…a massive ram on his haunches, which is the same building where I gave my heart to Jesus in 1980.

4.  I’ve written a novel and a screenplay.  Here’s the trailers for both:

5.  As a teenager, I was at a Rainbow concert where Ritchie Blackmore (formerly of Deep Purple) broke his guitar and threw it into the audience.  I caught one of the two pieces, along with another guy.  He had a better grip, so after a brief struggle I let go.

Several years later, while in college in that same dorm, I was comparing past concert experiences with my roommate…who turned out to be that very same guy!

I also got to go backstage afterwards to meet Ritchie and the band.  We partied and sang old Beatle tunes around a baby grand piano.

6.  I went to every home game for the Detroit Tigers’ World Series in 1984.  Each ticket was under $15.00!  Here’s one of them:

Tigers 1984

7.  I hoisted the Stanley Cup over my head, when my good friend, Dan Bylsma, beat my Red Wings as the Penguins head coach (I doubt Mike Babcock would have let me do that at his Cup Party, let alone invite me!).

Dan, Stan, and Me!

Here’s a story I wrote about that:

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