Your Hollywood Moment: Numbers Are Stubborn Things

Hollywood is a funny beast.

Controlled by liberal gatekeepers who want nothing to do with traditional family or American values, especially if it has anything to do with Jesus Christ.  Potty humor is cheaper to produce and makes more money, so they say.

That is unless, a “good” film will make them gobs of money.  Money trumps all values, good or bad, in Lost Angels, California.

Spoiler alert…the idea that Hollywood is a business is absolutely true.

Hollywood is not interested in making “good” films like Casablanca, Arsenic and Old Lace, or It Happened One Night.  They’re interested in making money.

Case in point.  The success of Mark Burnett’s The Bible on The History Channel in March destroyed the idea that “period pieces” or “religious drama” were dead (the series ranked number one on cable television and sold 1 million units across Blu-ray, DVD and DigitalHD platforms).

Despite your politics, numbers are stubborn things.

So entertainment like this is seemingly now as alive as Jesus Christ, as evidenced by 20th Century Fox making a movie spin off on Jesus from The Bible TV series (due out in February, with the same Jesus actor, Diogo Morgado, called Son of God.).  What a great name…Diogo Morgado!  “You killed my father…prepare to die.”

Another movie, The Christmas Candle, is due out in theaters this month.  A heart-warmer in the Dickens’ mode of Cranford and Pride and Prejudice that will make you laugh, cry, and believe. 

See if you can spot the Wizard, the Les Miz actor, and the Braveheart father in the trailer:

Both of these films defy the gatekeepers in L.A.  Should be interesting to see if they make money and prove them wrong…again.  I wouldn’t bet against them.

After all, the tomb is still empty.


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