Your Hendrix Moment: Ludi and Jimi

I recently watched two documentaries on these musical geniuses…Ludwig van Beethoven and James Marshall Hendrix.

The former you can watch in three parts here:

The latter was on PBS…here’s the promo for it:

I’ve always felt some connection to both of these men, but only in awe of their God-given musical talent (that very few share, and certainly not me.  Mozart would be in this elite club too).

And yet, for all their amazing ability, there is something very sad about their life.  Something they missed.

Pascal said, “There is a God shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled any created thing, but only by God, the Creator, made known through Jesus.”

Beethoven was “religious,” but did not attend church and hardly displayed the fruit of the Spirit.  Did he genuinely believe?  I hope he did.

Now Hendrix, obviously heavily promiscuous and a drug user could not be, right?  I hope he was, and found this interview hopeful:

Where they were at spiritually?

Yeah. I know that Jimi Hendrix became a Christian because a friend of mine that recently passed away had known Jimi really well and owned almost every piece of memorabilia you can imagine. He had the psychedelic V and a couple of his strats. He had Hendrix’s prayer mat.

A prayer mat? Like to cushion your knees while you pray?

Yeah. Hendrix used to kneel on it and pray before he went onstage. Towards the end, before he died, he became a Christian. I had no idea.

You can read the whole interview here…and for the record, Dylan believes Jesus is his Messiah and Alice is a breath of fresh air!

Dave Mustaine interview

If you want more Ludwig, this film was very good too (and the actor reminds me of one of Jimi’s Experience bandmates):




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4 responses to “Your Hendrix Moment: Ludi and Jimi

  1. All of the truly great musicians were tortured souls in one way or another. I believe Mozart was the first recognizable victim of a horrible stage parent. The Romantic composers all had an affinity for promiscuity (judging by the number of them who went crazy from ingesting mercury to cure their syphilis). I like the idea that some of them found their way to God before the end.

    I’ve always found more of a connection with Salieri (the one portrayed in Amadeus). God blessed me with enough talent just to be aware of how little talent I actually have.

    • That reminded me…Bach…prolly my favorite composer. I often listen to his stuff when I write. Was he tortured? I don’t know, but never heard anything about him in that regard.

      • Well, the man fathered 20 children, so you be the judge….

        Bach was orphaned at the age of 8 and raised by a relative. I don’t know if that counts as tortured, but certainly wasn’t the ideal circumstances in which to be raised.

  2. Interesting…I’ll have to read up on him.

    “A tremendous family to provide for.” -Scrooge

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