Your History Moment: WIRNing!

What I’m Reading Now:

If you love history, then you already know about David McCullough’s skill.  His John Adams is no exception, and I highly recommend it.

A timely quote struck me for Adams’ insight and our current political quagmire:

Keeping in mind that our government was then only embryonic and still being fleshed out, when Adams said,“…all offices would be monopolized by the rich; the poor and middling ranks would be excluded and an aristocratic despotism would immediately follow.”

I read today that Nancy Pelosi is worth 58 million.  Any idea how many people in Congress are millionaires?  Almost 50%, and the vast majority are not “poor” or “middling.”  Wonder what our second president would say to that?

And if you’ve not seen the HBO series on John Adams, consider this clip when the lowly rebel farmer is the first Ambassador to the tyrant King of England:


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